December News

We have had such a busy term but the last month has been wonderful.

Committment Ceremony

The girls in 6th class, along with their parents, expressed their committment to making their Confirmation in St. Laurence's Church.

Social Media talk

Graham Mulhern from spoke to parents in 5th & 6th class about the need for children to be vigilant when on line. The girls too had a talk on the same topic. It was a little scary to hear how vulnerable we are and how frequently the "popular" apps change.


We marked each week of Advent with a short prayer service in Croí na Scoile. The girls prayed for those less well off than themselves. The girls in 6th made a beautiful Advent Calendar which highlighted the need for thoughtfulness and generosity to others.

Visit of Diocesan Advisers

The Diocesan Advisers visit the school every 2-3 years to support the staff in the implementation of the teaching of religion in the school. They were very happy that the Catholic ethos is alive and well in our school.

Gymnastics Displays

The girls in 3rd - 6th were given the opportunity to put what they've learned in gymnastics with Mrs Egan into a routine. They did a wonderful job.

Celebration of Christmas

The girls in all classes got to celebrate Christmas in different ways over the past few weeks. The Junior Infants' Nativity Play "Angel Express" was wonderful with 59 little angels singing their hearts out for their families. Whoops a Daisy Angel and The Wriggly Nativity were the choices of the two Senior Infant teachers and the two performances were excellent. The two 1st classes got us all in the mood for Christmas with a wonderful sing-a-long. We had over 200 parents filling Croí na Scoile to hear every class hear the story of Christmas read by Mrs Fagan and Ms Mc Gowan while the girls from 1st - 6th sang some fantastic carols. Mrs Travers and Ms. Johnston had worked very hard to prepare the girls and it was a wonderful performance. Mundy then kindly closed our Carol Service with some Christmas songs.

Santa's visit

We were lucky enough that Santa had a few minutes to spare and he called in with one of his elves to say hello to the girls. He reminded them of the need to go to bed early and not to get up too early on Christmas morning! Santa's Visit

Merchants' Quay Charity

As always our parents stepped up when requested. We had a very generous response to our request for hats, scarves and gloves for the homeless. Emma from Merchants' Quay was thrilled and used the opportunity to thank the girls for their consideration of those less well off than themselves.

Merchant's Quay picture

Mile a Day Challenge

The girls from 1st - 6th are still partaking of our Mile A Day Challenge. Some are more reluctant than others (!!) but the two 4th classes are really enthusiastic. Each class has picked a destination to run to. Ms Mc Gee's have run to Amsterdam and are planning to get to Chisinau, Mrs Travers are hoping to get to Moscow, the two 5th classes are running to Riga, Mrs Markey's have already run from Lapland to Stillorgan (see below) and Ms Waldron's are half way to Reykjavik. Mrs Leonard's are running to Stockholm and Ms Kealy's are almost as far as Warsaw. The two 2nd classes are heading to Madrid and Berne but they've a bit to go yet. The girls in Mrs O Sullivan's class are almost at London and Ms Quinlan's are hoping to reach Paris by the mid-term break. They really are "fit for school" and the daily mile is a great initiative - they come back to class full of the joys .....

Santa's Workshop

Mrs Markey's (aka Mrs Mince Pies) classroom was transformed into Santa's Workshop with all of the girls dressing up as elves. They brought all classes in to play games with them and sold home made cookies to raise money for Focus Ireland. These girls had also been sponsored when running their laps as they ran from Santa's Workshop in Lapland to the school and got here just in time for Christmas. Santa will have to use a bit of his magic to get them back to Lapland in time! They raised an AMAZING 1,400 euro so far.

santa's workshop

santa's workshop

santa's workshop

santa's workshop

Maternity Leave

We wish Iníon Ní Choimín well as she prepares for the birth of her second baby. She will be replaced by Mrs. G. Mrs G and Mrs Sorohan will be working together as job sharers from January.


We break up for Christmas at 12.30pm on December 22nd and re-open at 8.50am on January 8th. I hope you all have a happy safe Christmas and look forward to your return - full of New Year's resolutions!

Posted by Graine McGowan on Dec 21, 2017