So you think your hands are clean...?

Welcome to our Science Fair blog! Our project is entitled “So you think your hands are clean..?” We will be investigating if our hands really are as clean as we think they are! We will be using petri dishes to grow bacteria taken from "clean" and "dirty" hands. We will also be assessing the effectiveness of hand sanitizer and if there is a difference between using hot versus cold water! We will be examining if wearing nail varnish makes a difference to the cleanliness of hands.

Our first test was to assess if we clean our hands properly. We handled slices of bread with unwashed (dirty) hands. We then placed the slices of bread in to zip-locked bags. We repeated these steps, but this time our hands had been washed with soap, and dried, using paper towels. Our hypothesis was that people don't always wash their hands properly. We also used a control- an unhandled piece of bread to ensure the mould growth was solely due to the bread being handled. Have a look below at some of our results!

Test 1 Results- after 14 days

Posted by Graine McGowan on Feb 01, 2019