Rosemary O'Flynn's Fundraising Event

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Rosemary and Michael O Flynn will, at last, be able to climb Mt Teide in early July. If you sponsored them, and have yet to send in the money, can you please send in your donation to Ms Mc Gowan as soon as possible.

One of our former parents, Rosemary O'Flynn, who continues to do Trojan work in the school garden and teaching the girls about caring for our environment, is undertaking a fundraising event in aid of our school and I hope that you will support her. She, and her husband, are going to climb Mount Teide in Tenerife - which is the third highest volcano in the world. This climb will now take place in early July and she is looking for sponsorship. They will cover their own expenses and all funds raised will be given to the school. It’s very generous of both of the O'Flynns - especially when you consider that neither of their girls are still in the school!

If you are willing to commit to a donation to this fundraiser please email me on or text me on 085 1397338 giving your name and your pledged amount.

All donations will be gratefully received by Rosemary and the school.

A note from Rosemary and Michael:

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Hello everyone!

My name is Rosemary O’Flynn. Most of you know me from working in the garden at Mount Anville Primary School. Others know me as Jennifer and Ella’s Mum!! As a fundraiser for the school, my husband Michael and I are planning to climb Mount Teide on the island of Tenerife. It stands at 12,200 feet high and is the highest peak of the Atlantic islands. It is also the third highest volcano in the world!! Beginning our climb from sea level, we hope to reach the summit over two days- staying overnight on day 1 at the “Refugio Alta Vista”- a hostel near the summit- waking at about 4:30am on day 2 to reach the summit just before dawn.

We will take and send plenty of photos and keep Miss Mc Gowan informed of our progress all along the way!

Many thanks to all who have sponsored us so far!

Rosemary and Michael O’Flynn.