Physical Education

In Mount Anville, we have a specialist PE teacher, who teaches the girls all of strands in the Primary School PE curriculum, excluding aquatics.

PE Curriculum


Our P.E Teacher, Mr.Webb

P.E. Timetable

Mr Webb takes all junior and senior infant classes for a period of thirty minutes twice per week. All students from 1st to 6th have a one hour slot for PE per week. We are very lucky to have a big field and a basketball court behind the school that can be used in dry weather. Indoor PE takes place in the hall or the Madeline Sophie Room (multi-purpose room).

From time to time external instructors or coaches from different sporting organisations come in and teach additional lessons in specific sports, e.g. Gaelic Football, Camogie, Tag Rugby, Cycling and Dance.

P.E Timetable 23/24

PE is divided into 6 strands which are all taught:

  1. Athletics
  2. Games
  3. Gymnastics
  4. Dance
  5. Outdoor and Adventure
  6. Aquatics


All students are taught the following strand units:

  • running
  • jumping
  • throwing
  • appreciation of athletics.

In the older classes the added element of competition comes into play, often in the form of team competitions. But the main aim is still to have fun and mastering the different skills at everybody’s individual pace. We learn the basics of Sprint, Relay, Hurdles, Long Jump, High Jump, Shot Put, Javelin, Discus and Long distance running.

Students from 5th and 6th classes have trials each year to compete in the annual Santry athletics competition. Given Morton stadium isn’t available this year our girls will compete in the popular athletics event in UCD instead in May. We have a successful history in this competition.



The following skills are taught in this strand.

  • sending, receiving and travelling
  • creating and playing games
  • understanding and appreciation of games.

In addition to the above, Mr. Webb teaches the girls how to play playground games for break time. Active Leaders encourage and help their classmates to play these games.


Dodgeball is a much-loved game in the school. One of the highlights is the Teacher vs. 6th class match during Active Week with fierce battles on the court.


Gymnastics is probably the most popular of all the strands among our students. The following strands are taught in this strand.

  • movement
  • understanding and appreciation of gymnastics

Students are encouraged to link moves they have mastered into a short routine. From 3rd class up, they create longer routines in pairs or small groups and perform them in front of the class. Every year the creativity, teamwork and athletic ability displayed impresses the audience (PE teacher, class teacher and sometimes our principal!)

IMG_0145 (1).jpg

IMG_0143 (1).jpg

A highlight every year is the use of our climbing frame which consists of ladders and monkey bars. On those days the hall looks like a big playground.


The girls enjoy the following strand units in dance every year

  • exploration, creation and performance of dance.
  • understanding and appreciation of dance.

Traditional and modern dances are taught. Of course the girls love the opportunity to show off their own dance moves!!!

IMG_20230322_142235 (1).jpg

We are very lucky to have Kate Buckley School of Dance on board during Active Week. Every year Kate organizes a Flash Mob which every class is involved in. She also helps with the choreography of the 6th class musical.

Outdoor And Adventure Activities

Students in Mount Anville are very privileged to have extensive school grounds on which to explore the following strands.

  • walking
  • orienteering
  • outdoor challenges
  • understanding and appreciation of games.



Our priority strand this year is aquatics. Every class level will complete the PAWS water safety programme in term 3 each year which will focus on the following strand units

  • hygiene
  • water safety
  • understanding and appreciation of aquatics

The remaining strands will be taught during swimming lessons

  • entry to and from the water
  • buoyancy and propulsion
  • stroke development
  • water based ball games



Students in 3rd and 4th Class will attend swimming lessons in UCD pool every Monday for a six week period in term 3.

PE Equipment and Resources

All PE equipment is stored in Madeline Sophie. Equipment is categorised and labelled. Yard equipment is given out to each class by active leaders. Equipment is rotated every fortnight. An inventory is done once a year.

P.E Equipment Inventory


Fundamental Movement Skills

Each year there is a particular focus on four fundamental movement skills:

This year the focus is on:









PE Homework

PE homework is given on the day that the student has PE in school. The document below has been shared on Google Classroom with all parents.

PE Homework

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