Sacred Heart Ethos

Sacred Heart Ethos
  • Mount Anville Primary School is a Catholic School.
  • In this school we help our pupils reach their personal best.
  • In this school we treat each other fairly and with respect.
  • In this school we care for each other.
  • Our school is a safe and trusting place. We are a "telling" school.
  • As friends - parents, teachers and pupils - we work together to make our school a happy place which allows us to feel good about ourselves.
  • When our pupils leave us, we hope that they have a positive attitude to school and learning which will stay with them through their lives.

The 5 Sacred Heart Goals

  • Faith
  • Character
  • Intellect
  • Community
  • Social Awareness

The Goal of Faith

This year, we will be focusing on the goal of Faith. Our motto for this year is 'We Open Our Hearts to All'

Mount Anville Camino

As part of the goal of Faith this year, we organised our very own Mount Anville Camino around the school grounds. At each stop on the route, we stopped to read a prayer, sing a hymn or medidate. Here is a video made by our wonderful 6th Class girls explaining the stops along the route.

The values expressed by these five goals were those which have been fundamental to Sacred Heart education since its beginnings in St. Madeleine Sophie’s day. We are linked by these goals to a Sacred Heart Network of schools which include: Sacred Heart Primary School Roscrea, Mount St. Catherine’s Primary School Armagh, St. Catherine’s College Armagh, St. Julian’s Junior & Senior Schools Malta, St.Joseph's Primary School Aberdeen and Kilgraston School Perthshire, Scotland.

Sacred Heart Network

Goal 1: A Living Faith In God

We learn about God and how to pray

Goal 2: Personal Growth In An Atmosphere Of Wise Freedom

We are all different and special. We learn to share and care.

Goal 3: A Deep Respect For Intellectual Values

We try our best to learn and become the best we can.

Goal 4: Building Of Community As A Christian Value

We work hard to build community at home and at school; locally and globally.

Goal 5: A Social Awareness Which Impels To Action

We always try to be fair. If we see something wrong we try to put it right

Aug 29
School re-opens after Summer Break
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Mid Term Break
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School re-opens after mid term break
Dec 20
School closes for Christmas Holidays
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