Student Council

The Student Council in Mount Anville Primary School consists of eight student representatives from 5th and 6th class. The members of the Student Council this year are:

5th Class

  • Lainey N
  • Heather M
  • Lucy F
  • Amelia W

6th Class

  • Sophia C
  • Mia S
  • Amelia M
  • Clodagh S.W


Our student council members reporting at a recent school assembly

The Election process

Every year, students from 5th class are invited to put themselves forward for the Student Council. The candidates are invited to write a speech sharing their ideas prior to the voting process. An election is then held in each class, and the girls are elected by secret ballot by their peers. The elected students join the previously elected students in 6th class to represent the student voice in the school. The student council representatives are given a student council badge which they wear with their uniform to ensure they are identifiable as the members of the student council.

The Role of the Student Council

The student council meets several times each term to collect ideas and identify discussion topics to be brought to the principal of the school and the staff. The student council gives our pupils the opportunity to play a more active role in the organisation of our school and to voice the opinions of the students.

The members of the student council are responsible for creating the school newsletters. They gather information about, and take photos of, school events such as World Book Day, school plays, cake sales and dress up days. They write a short description of the event and present this as part of the newsletter. They also visit each class to find out what they have been doing or learning about in school. The students council report this in the newsletter and take photos of the classes.

This year the student council is organising an art competition on the theme ‘We Can Make A Difference”. Every child in the school is invited to show their creativity through a piece of art. This art can be a drawing, painting, sculpture, photo, or any other creative piece. A winner will be chosen from each class in the school. The student council is arranging for an eco-friendly prize to be given to each winner.

The student council plays an important role in the school, advocating for changes they think would be beneficial to the school. This year the girls advocated for Happy Monday, when students could wear their own jumper, have an extra long yard time, and listen to music while they played. They asked for more yard equipment, in particular for more footballs. As part of our goal for the school year 2022/23, Social Awareness That Impels to Action, the Student Council have discussed ways in which the student body can make changes in the world around them.

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